14-th apartment

Cozy studio apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and balcony.

There is a sink, fridge and stove and lots of cooking equipment in the kitchen.

14-th apartment3

Beautiful Sunset guaranteed every evening.

There is a table and chairs on the balcony to enjoy warm evening outside.

Check out video about the rooms.


11-th apartment

There is a double bed, a closet, an extra bed, kitchen and bathroom in room no. 11

Kitchen has a stove, fridge, a sink and cooking equipment.

11-th apartment3

Enjoy sunset from the balcony


For more information check out video about the rooms.

10-th apartment

10-th apartment

10-th apartment is a cozy place with a kitchen, double bed, shower and french stile balcony.

Every evening a beautiful sunset is guaranteed.

10-th apartment4

You can find a table and chairs on the balcony.

If you like to spend a night listening to waves, there is a hammock waiting for you.


For video check out video.